DEVA | Products and services

annual reporting

A company's annual reporting constitute its most powerful communications tool. These reports therefore require the utmost care.

We help our clients to establish an annual reporting system and prepare the various components (report on business activities, sustainability report, etc.) in full or in part.

Our analysis and proposals are underpinned by broad-spectrum benchmarking of best of breed reporters and best international practices.


financial communication

We have a proven communications management track record in all classes of market transactions: IPOs, rights issues, M&A...

We approach restructurings and change management (bankruptcies, downsizing, etc.) from the communications angle.

We manage the IR function as a separate target audience that requires tailored tools.


perception and diagnosis

We analyse market sentiment towards our clients.

We assess how our clients are perceived in qualitative and quantitative terms in order to familiarise ourselves with stakeholder positions on specific issues.

We monitor media coverage and social network repercussions, analyse the results and make recommendations on how to do things better.



Crisis management from the communications standpoint lies at the heart of business strategy and is an area we monitor carefully.

We help our clients to prepare their crisis communication manuals and implement them throughout the company.


internal communication

Internal communication is one of the cornerstones of reputation management and requires dedicated tools.

We build the internal communication function into the overall corporate communication strategy.

We develop all the required on- and offline materials: newsletters, intranets, publications, etc.


spokesperson training

We teach executives and managers how to take their companies' communication opportunities by the horns.

We show them how to relate with the media and the journalist community in order to create an optimal opportunity for reputation management.

We introduce our clients to the social media and help them with their online strategies.


online engagement

We show our clients how to turn the internet challenge to their advantage and manage their online identities.

We know how to turn internet into a great opportunity for striking up a deep and broad conversation online with stakeholders.


strategic consultancy

We help to put corporate communication at the heart of business strategy.

We turn reputation management into a key value creation driver.


multimedia content

We draft and design corporate materials suitable for all media based on our conviction that institutional messages need to be transmitted via a wide range of channels and languages: traditional text, video, etc.

We use top class in-house and third-party specialists to prepare multimedia materials and traditional and digital publications.



After 15 years helping our clients to systemize their compromise with corporate responsibility, in 2015 we founded Cares, a consultancy company specialized in sustainability.

Cares is born from the identified need on the market, to provide organizations with specialized services in the fields of corporate responsibility and sustainability.



positioning and visibility

We help our clients to get to know themselves better and to relate optimally with the media and all their stakeholders at a time of crucial change in the news coverage paradigm.

We pay special attention to our clients' online profile and positioning in the social networks.